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Our mission is to provide education, research and strategies
to benefit people affected by chronic disorganization,
and the professionals who work with them.


What defines chronic disorganization?


Disorganization that has been present for a long time indicating a chronic condition

The disorganization significantly impacts life on a daily basis, affecting the quality of life

There is a history of failed self-help attempts, leading to discouragement

There is a future expectation of continued disorganization, often resulting in lack of hope

Chronic disorganization may be present with brain-based challenges such as
ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Hoarding Disorder, PTSD, TBI, and more


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ICD Resources

ICD has developed two assessment scales:
  • The ICD Clutter-Hoarding Scale®  to assess cluttered homes and give clients, ICD educated organizers, and collaborating team members a common language as they work together. 
  • The Clutter Quality of Life ScaleTM assists people in understanding how clutter affects their quality of life.
ICD offers fact sheets, publications and has authored two textbooks for organizers and related professionals.
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All organizers listed in the directory have earned the Level I Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization.)