Frequently Asked Questions about ICD Certification

When did the ICD Certificate Program begin?

The ICD Certificate Program began in October of 2001.

Why should I consider becoming a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® (CPO-CD®)?

        "This is an amazing program – I’ve learned, I’ve stretched and I’ve connected. The title CPO-CD is a title to be worn with pride for the work put in. "               Shawndra Holmberg CPO-CD®

        "This is catered education for the CD Client. The combination of book knowledge and street smarts helps our CD Clients".  Hilary Case CPO-CD®

Why must I be a subscriber of the ICD® to work on the Certificate and Certification programs?

We are an educational organization and our program requires participation in our classes. Your Premium Subscriber annual dues pay for over 40 live classes and over 200 recorded classes. To become an ICD subscriber, please visit our subscribership page.

What is the "Foundation" Certificate?

The Foundation Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization is the Level I Basic CD Certificate and is required before a subscriber can be listed on the ICD website referral page. It must be earned before any other ICD certificates will be granted.

How long will it take me to earn a Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization?

A Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization can be earned in 6 hours of class time.

How do I find a Certificate application?

The Certificate applications are on the website under each corresponding Certificate. They can be applied for online. Use this link to see the application for the Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization.

When is the next Required Class?

All classes required for certificates are available at all times in the ICD Vault. You must be a Premium or Premium+ Subscriber to access the ICD Vault.

How long will it take me to become a CD Specialist®?

It is estimated to take between one week to a few months to earn your CD Specialist Certificate®. The CD Exam must be taken and passed to complete this program.  You must complete the requirements and apply for your CD Specialist credential within two years of passing the CD Exam.

What is the CD Exam?

The CD Exam is a test you must take in order to receive your CD Specialist Certificate. The CD Exam is a 25-question multiple-choice exam based on the required readings. It is offered on-demand online.

When can I take the CD Exam?

The CD Exam can be taken as long as you are an ICD subscriber and have received the Foundation Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization and read the required material. The passing of the CD Exam is one component of the CD Specialist Certificate. The Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization and 6 additional classes must be taken and an application must be submitted for the Level II CD Specialist Certificate. Please visit the  Exam page for more details

Do class credits expire?

Credits from classes are good for three years.

Can I apply classes for which I have received credit to multiple Level I Certificates of Study and/or to Level II Specialist Certificate requirements?

No. Each certificate has 6 predetermined required classes. 

Are there recertification requirements?

Level I and II certificates never expire. To maintain Level III, IV and V credentials, re-certification every three years is required. Click here to visit the re-certification page.

How many people have earned their Certificates?

Over 60 percent of our subscribers have earned their Level I Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization. About 30 percent of our subscribers have earned at least one Level II Specialist Certificate. 

If I have additional questions, who do I contact?

For inquiries about class topics or offerings, please contact the ICD Education Director.

For information about the ICD Certification Program, please contact the Certification and Services Director.

How will I know if I have achieved a Level I or II certificate?

Once your application is received, it will take no more than one week for you to receive your certificate by email and for your new credential to be indicated on your profile on the ICD® website.

How much does it cost to receive a Certificate or Certification

See our current certificate price list. This does not include any phone charges you may incur from your technology provider for attending classes. 

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