The ICD Clutter Quality of Life Scale for Professional Organizers


Professional organizers may find the CQLS useful in a number of ways

  • During the initial consultation, to gauge the impact of clutter on client
  • In conjunction with The Clutter-Hoarding Scale to build a fuller picture of the client situation
  • Throughout the organizing process as a measure of progress
  • At the end of the organizing process, or during maintenance, to determine if further organizational steps need to be taken

Click here to access the CQLS online.

ICD Subscribers may use the form with their clients. The following forms are designed to be printed and used with clients.


The ICD CQLS Client version is what clients will fill out. 

English version    Spanish version   Italian version   Dutch version   French version


The ICD CQLS Scoring and Description intro PO version is for the organizer to use.

Read it first to better understand how to administer and score the CQLS. It includes color-coded questions to help you more quickly identify areas of concern.   


The ICD CQLS Scoring and Description Intro 

Not color-coded but may be used if participants are interested in scoring the scale themselves.
English version   Spanish Version  Italian version   Dutch version   French version