Time Management and Productivity Specialist Certificate


Certificate Description

The Level II Time Management and Productivity Specialist Certificate builds on the Level I Certificate of Study in Time Management and Productivity Specialist.
An ICD subscriber who has earned the Level II Time Management and Productivity Specialist Certificate has completed at least twelve hours of education in topics particular to helping clients struggling with issues of Time Management and/or Productivity,  in addition to six hours of general education in Chronic Disorganization.  They have read a minimum of four books related to Time Management and/or Productivity and passed an exam based on that reading.

The Requirements of the certificate are

  • Be a current ICD® Subscriber 
  • Have received the Certificate of Study in Time Management and Productivity
  • Complete required readings: 
  • ICD Guide to CD for Professional Organizers by ICD  The Institute for Challenging Disorganization®
  •              Price, Alice Time Management (Rev)
  •              Caldwell, Carolyn Productivity and the Client Managing Chronic Disorganization
  •              Landau-Pope, Juliet Procrastination
  • note - this package is available in the Level II TMP Specialist certificate package in the LMS

  • Attend the six classes available in the Level II Time Management and Productivity package in the ICD® Vault
  • Pay for and pass the Time Management and Productivity Exam.   The Time Management and Productivity Exam is composed of 25 multiple-choice questions, based on the above readings. There is a fee for the exam registration. 
  • TMP exam registration and payment form.
  • Complete an application for the Time Management and Productivity Specialist Certificate online.