I've forgotten how to Log in

  • Click on green Member Login button located in right-hand column
  • Your default username is the email address you previously used for ICD teleclasses
  • If you can't remember your password, click on the link to get a new one

Updating your profile to ensure you appear on the Find an Organizer directory

  • Your HOME address is for ICD use only
  • Your BUSINESS address needs to be populated to ensure you appear in the Directory
    • Business City
    • Business State/Province
    • Business Country
    • Zipcode (international subscribers leave blank or enter 00000)
    • Email
    • Website
    • Phone
  • Zip codes are very helpful in the Directory 
  • If you are not appearing in the directory, look for someone else in your area who DOES appear, and see how they have filled in their information
  • Any issues, please contact Laurene, [email protected] or 1-800-674-7818

How to Re-subscribe

  • If you are due to re-subscribe, you should receive an email 
  • This email includes an invitation to re-subscribe, just follow the link
  • Any difficulties, please contact Laurene, [email protected] or 1-800-674-7818

"I can see I'm logged in...where did my profile page go?"

  • Click on menu item FOR SUBSCRIBERS

How to register for a class

  • Open the calendar
  • Click on the event you want to register for (Premium Subscribers may register for the entire quarter on one form, link available in the Pulse)
  • Follow the instructions
  • You will receive an email confirmation when process is complete
  • There will also be a record of your registration in your profile under SUBMISSIONS

"I tried to register for a class or event through the calendar, and received an error message"

  • When this happens, it is usually because the person is already registered
  • You can check in your profile
  • Look under SUBMISSIONS

How to access the class or event

  • In your event confirmation email, you will receive a Zoom link for the event.
  • Please note that each event has a unique link
  • When the event is about to begin, you will have access to the ICD Zoom Room
  • You may also join after the event has started

"The class has already started, and I'd like to join - but I'm not registered"

  • No worries!
  • Go to the calendar
  • Click on the link to register
  • You will quickly receive an email confirmation, including the login Zoom link plus access to the handout!

How to submit codewords

  • In the confirmation of registration, there will be a link to submit your codewords
  • There's also a green button on the right side called 'ICD Online Class Confirmation' that you can click
  • Once sent, you will receive an email confirmation of submission
  • ALL your submissions can be viewed in your profile, under SUBMISSIONS
  • To streamline ICD operations, we will NOT be sending out email confirmations manually
  • We will ONLY contact you if there is an anomaly with your codeword submission
  • If you do NOT hear from us, after two weeks your submission automatically counts as a credit

Tracking class credits and Continuing Education Credits

  • All your confirmed live classes in the new system are visible in your submissions folder in your profile, and will be added to your profile under Continuing Education Credits
  • When you listen to the full class and complete the confirmation in the LMS, your credits will show in your profile
  • If ever you would like assistance, please contact Laurene at [email protected] 
  • If ever you need documentation of your education for certification elsewhere... LIve classes and those completed in the LMS will be in your profile. You can prepare a pdf of relevant classes.  For additional assistance, please contact Laurene. 

Where is my record of classes from the old platform?

  • If you want your pre-2018 history and have not yet received it from us, please contact Laurene at [email protected]

"I uploaded my profile picture but I don't see it"

  • Sometimes it takes time for the browser to re-fresh
  • Check back tomorrow, and if it's still not there, please contact Laurene

"I don't want to upload my photo..."

  • You may also upload another image, or your company logo in that space!